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Operation: Utopian Brainmelt

During two weeks, students walk by a computer that invites them to type something special onto its screen. There are directions for which keys change the fonts, and which key sends the text to the printer. With their writing on the screen, they have to then choose to either: 1. leave with their printed work; 2: shred it; or 3: take a push pin and display the entry on an adjacent wall with many others. The entries accumulated on the wall (and as shreds on the ground) over the weeks.

“Operation: Utopian Brainmelt" as a project title, is inspired by the mechanisms of uncritically indulging, being fascinated by, and examining anxiety with one’s speech. The choice of what to do with your thoughts (or carefully planned words) is important as both dilemma and opportunity. From its concept, OUB used Wabi Sabi as its experiential design framework. Wabi Sabi is a concept in Japanese tradition, by which beauty is a dynamic event between you and something else.

Created in collaboration with Christopher Tumaghap.

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