Nikki Roach is an interdisciplinary designer based in Hamtramck, Detroit. This website is a living archive of identities, publications, studies and spaces. For specific inquiries, contact:


Room Project

Room Project was created in 2018 as a center for women and non-binary artists and writers. It operates as a shared workspace, which hosts events such as readings, workshops, and performances.

The first artifacts designed for Room Project consisted of: a visual identity with a logo, business cards, signage, flyers, social media graphics, and a website. Event posters became the majority of the design work as public events became the main source of activity and public engagement.

Room Project occupies a space on Woodward Avenue, the main commercial corridor in the city of Detroit. Finding ways to engage with foot traffic ushered in relationships with artists who were commissioned to build installations in two prominent display-windows. The first installation facilitated at Room Project was Belle Aisle: Burning Bush with Amanda Roach, in the summer of 2018. The next was Chimera by artist Bana Kabalan, in the winter of 2019.