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Seraphine Collective

Seraphine Collective is a group of supportive women/femme/non-binary identified musicians, artists, and DJs. They needed a graphic identity to unite the various initiatives of the group, that includes their online blog, music festival, workshop series, zines, tapes, booking services, and event planning.

Seraphine Collective.

Seraphine is primarily a network of women who support each other's creative endeavors, especially musical. Approaching community in a serious way, the collective also curates spaces and promotes artists.

The logo we designed is a circular orientation of the name ‘Seraphine Collective’ with a bolt in the middle. There is also a smaller version containing an ‘s’ and ‘c’ with the bolt between those.

Displayed here are a collection of items made for 1. a fundraiser for their Beat Match Brunch program; and 2. the fourth annual Best Fest Forever (BFF) Fest.