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Podcast to Papers

A printed object is a single version of itself. It has been printed once and occupies a 3D space. A digital object can be re-printed, or repeated, potentially indefinitely. This publication is an exploration of how print information can change over time as a digital object does in fourth-dimensional space.

Text from a transcription of a podcast episode was used for this publication (link). Six stories constitute the one episode. All of them describe a historical event that features an apocalyptic vision. Each story was built into its own "case file" where it was expanded upon, redacted, accompanying new images, bearing traces of sloppy editing, provided metadata, and given a log to document commits.

See PDF version.

size: 9 x 11 in
pages: 47
books: 6
ink: digital K
paper: office yellow
inserts: white 110# bond
cover: kraft file folder
binding: prong fasteners
special: peel and stick labels, rubber date stamps, wite-out
container: chipboard box with xerox transfer