Nikki Roach is a designer based in Hamtramck, Detroit. This website is a living archive of identities, publications, studies, and spaces. Contact:

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This website is dedicated to archiving Nikki Roach's design projects and independent studies. It was moved in 2013 when the domain became available; prior to then, Nik's portfolio was located at In its fifth major development, this website is currently built on the indexhibit content management system.

Only certain works have been chosen for inclusion here. In order to view Nikki's other work samples, please contact For a non-chronological collection of processes and favorite screen shots, please visit For Nik's business information, go check out: For everything research related, you will have to dig through and

Collaboration is what fortifies much of this archive; self-initiated works constitute the remainder. Nik's current and recent collaborators (in no particular order) include: Petcoke Gallery, WDET 101.9 FM, Spread Art, Equitable Internet Initiative, The New Centre for Research and Practice, Seraphine Collective, Room Project, Southland Institute, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, and Content Object.