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Brashnar Creative Project

What follows is a set of artifacts I made during a month-long residency at Brashnar Creative Project in Skopje, Macedonia.

First, there is a book of 15 drawings of radios. I work in the field of communication—broadly, but specifically in radio. While in Skopje, I could not help but notice the communication systems around me such as antennas, dishes, etc. So, they became drawings and good conversation pieces. Second, a video called "Чекајќи Го Ангелот" or "Waiting for the Angel" that incorporates a poem with footage from the canyon Matka in Skopje. Additionally, there is a book of Macedonian language that I made to reference while out and about. Next, is a tee-shirt depicting the Old English "D" (for Detroit) with the phrase "ти добро?" which means "you good?" Alongside the tee-shirt was a short story. Almost all of the text was presented in Macedonian since folks often don't speak English.

Ending the residency was an open studios event where friends and the public visited us artists.